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Bob Colcutt - Biography


The images are derived from the environment, both man-made and natural.


Surface marks and texture is still the underlying factor that intrigues me. I can often be found in various locations (camera in hand) searching for and capturing various close ups of imagery that intrigue or excite.

Many artists have influenced my work, but those with most influence include Jasper Johns, Mac Betts, Tapies, Firth Smith, Carnwath, Rauschenberg and Juniper.

I look for flat surfaces because I paint on a flat plane.I am not attempting to create an illusionary three dimensional image and I choose to use paint in a free and unconstrained way.

Natural environments such as the beach and bush attract me and I also find inspiration in other sources such as a wall surface for example, or maybe a sketch on paper, maybe a hand written note, mark on a footpath or road, and so on.

Graffiti, marks and text can be found all over walls and sometimes this is the part that excites me.

Text has often been a part of my work and creeps in from time to time in this exhibition as well. Often it is just there as a mark and sometimes I am writing or stenciling in words that might be meaningful to me.

The message is often eradicated however and serves as a metaphor that the word really only has power in deeds, not in saying or writing. The use of stencils and masking is often a technique that allows me to knife, brush or spray the paint on with no constraints. Textures are often built in to the pigment or put down prior to the pigment application. I see texture as the most important part of the image and often the colours I use are reduced to chromatic greys to emphasize the graphic. World music (without lyrics) can help stimulate my work now and often my studio is filled with the sounds of various indigenous musicians from across the globe.

Having said all this, I am simply addicted to paint. It is something that draws me to my studio all the time.

Bob Colcutt, Painter

Born 20 July 1950

Recently retired from Art, Design and Media department of Central TAFE as a lecturer


Certificate 4 in Workplace Training – TAFE Central, Perth, Western Australia

1980-1984 Diploma in Audio Visual Photography. Mt. Lawley TAFE, WA

Graduate Diploma in Education, Major: Art Education, Curtin University of Technology, WA


Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts), Major Painting, Curtin University of Technology, WA


Fine Art, Claremont School of Art, WA

Solo Exhibitions

Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park, Middle Swan, WA

2016 My Wall, Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park, Middle Swan, WA
2011 Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park, Middle Swan, WA
2005 Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park, Middle Swan, WA
2002 Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park, Middle Swan, WA
1997 Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park, Middle Swan, WA
1995 Marks or Meaning? The Art Department Building of The Central Metropolitan College
of TAFE, Perth, WA.
1981 The Bridge Gallery, Northbridge, WA
  The Channel 7 Young Artists Award, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA
  The Undercroft Gallery, University of Western Australia, Perth WA
  The WAIT Graduates Show, Architecture Building of Curtin University, WA
  The Albany Art Award, Albany, WA
  The Wanneroo Art Award, Wanneroo, WA
  The York Art Award, York, WA
  The David Jones Art Award
  The Gosnells Art Award, Gosnells, WA
  The Darlington Art Award, Darlington, WA
  The Canning Art Award, Canning WA
  The Town of Mosman Park Purchase Award, Mosman Park, WA
  Numerous exhibitions at the Bridge Gallery, including The Cats and Dogs Show
and The Portrait Show, Perth, WA
  The Clremont School of fine Art Lecturers Show, Claremont, WA
2005 Links 2 Central TAFE lecturer’s exhibition, Central TAFE Art Gallery, Perth, WA
2002 Central TAFE art lecturer’s showing – Central TAFE Art Gallery, Perth, WA
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