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Gomboc Gallery represents numerous Australian and international artists. Please visit this section frequently to view more artworks in future.

gomboc gallery


gomboc gallery

Australian & International Sculptors Work On Display at Gomboc Gallery

  • Adje (New Caledonia)
  • Adam Adameitis (Australia)
  • George Andric (Australia)
  • Byung-Chui Ahn (South Korea)
  • Ayad Alqaragholli (Australia)
  • Geoffree Bartlett (Australia)
  • Noah Birch (Australia)
  • Jasper Borbos (Australia)
  • Linda Bowden (Australia)
  • Dean Bowen (Australia)
  • Joanna Box (Australia
  • Graeme Burge (Australia)
  • Tjyllyungoo Lance Chadd (Australia)r
  • Shaun Chambers (Australia)
  • Alan Clark (Australia)
  • John Clement (USA)
  • Chris Constable (Australia)
  • Campbell Cornish (Australia)
  • Mark Cypher (Australia)
  • Peter Dailey (Australia)
  • Jon Denaro (Australia)
  • Karen Dolman (Australia)
  • Viktor Eszenyi (Australia)
  • Chong Fah Cheong
  • (Singapore/Canada)
  • Robert Fairclough (Australia)
  • Isama Fujimoto (Japan)
  • Li Gang (China)
  • R.M. (Ron) Gomboc (Australia)
  • Miik Green (Australia)
  • Wang Jian Guo (China)
  • Eijo Hayakawa (Japan)
  • Alexander Hayes (Australia)
  • Albie Herbert (Australia)
  • Tonoiso Hidetsugu (Japan)
  • Takahiro Hirata (Japan)
  • Koichi Ishino (Australia)
  • Sung-Jae Jang (South Korean)
  • Greg Johns (Australia)
  • Young-Ho Joo (South Korea)
  • Ben Juniper (Australia)r
  • Robert Juniper (Australia)
  • Kazumi Kanazawa (Japan)
  • Yuko Kawaguchi (Japan)
  • Andrew Kay (Australia)
  • Philip King (UK)
  • Seiji Kiriyama (Japan)
  • Hiroki Kita (Japan)
  • Mary Knott (Australia)
  • Darius Kowal (Australia)
  • Lou Lambert (Australia)
  • Michael Le Grand (Australia)
  • Gretchen Lothrop (USA)
  • Peter Lumberg (USA)
  • Alan Meyburgh (Australia)
  • Hugh McLachlan (Australia)
  • Laurie Nilsen (Australia)
  • Yoshio Nitta (Japan)
  • Philippa O’Brien (Australia)
  • Koichi Ogino (Japan)
  • Sang-Wook Oh (South Korea)
  • Se-Moon Oh (South Korea)
  • Je-Sung Oh (South Korea)
  • Pam Olsen (Australia)
  • Lazar Radanovich (Australia)
  • Maris Raudzins (Australia)
  • William E Rees (Australia)
  • Sasha Reid (Australia)
  • Jean-Pierre Rives (France)
  • Ron Robertson Swann (Australia)
  • Eric Schneider (Australia)
  • Nien Schwarz (Australia)
  • Ok-Jai Seo (South Korea)
  • Russell Sheridan (Australia)
  • Kamada Shohei (Japan)
  • Philip Spelman (Australia)
  • Greg Stott (Australia)
  • Mitsuo Takeuchi (Japan)
  • Akiho Tata (Japan)
  • Brian R. Taylor (Australia)
  • Jasmine Teakle (Australia)
  • David Teer (Australia)
  • Ng Eng Teng (Singapore)
  • Walala Tjapaltigiri (Australia)
  • Haruyuki Uchida (Japan)
  • Keizo Ushio (Japan)
  • Peter Weiner (Austrian)
  • Kath Wheatley (Australia)
  • Julie Wilson Foster (Australia)
  • Matati Wununmurra (Australia)
  • Xu Yun Xin (China)
  • Xia Yang (China)
  • Tetsuro Yamasaki (Japan)
  • Nulwurr Yunupinu (Australia)
  • Vito Zaza (Italy)

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Established 1982 in the Swan Valley on 4.5 hectares with sculpture grounds that are a continuous work in progress. The indoor Gallery provides five large exhibition spaces to exhibit established and emerging artists of all disciplines. A new major exhibition is mounted each month, featuring the works of an individual artist or group and the extensive stock display is regularly revised, thereby providing a stimulating display of diverse Fine Art.

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